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How to prepare for your Wedding Makeup Trial

Your Bridal makeup trial is so exciting. This is where we really get to talk about you and your wedding look. You will have a relaxed morning being pampered after months of planning and stress. It all gets real from here.

So grab a cuppa and read some tips about the things you can do before your Bridal Makeup Trial.

  • SKIN TREATMENTS - If you are undergoing skincare treatments (needling, laser or peels), leave time between your appointment and trial for your skin to heal

  • NO MAKEUP - Come to your Bridal Trial with no makeup on - especially no Mascara, and your skin moisturised

  • INSPIRATION - Bring pictures of bridal makeup looks you like -

    • Bear in mind when looking, a lot of photos can also be heavily edited images!

    • Look at elements of the makeup you like to draw inspiration to incorporate into your wedding day look –

    • Know what you like, as well as what you definitely don’t!

    • Have a look through my previous makeups and pick out looks that you like I have created.

  • LET ME SEE YOU - Have a range of photos of yourself to show me, include photos from nights out or a special day out. This really helps me to get a feel for how you do your own makeup and styles/colours you like.

  • SPRAY TAN - If you plan to have a Spray tan on your wedding day, it's a good idea to have this before your trial. The same eyeshadow can look very different on a pale complexion to a bronzed skin tone.

  • WHAT TO WEAR - Wear white (or whatever colour your wedding dress is) do not wear black or dark colours. Also think about the shape of your wedding dress, wear a top with a similar neckline to your dress, avoid turtle/high neck tops along with big baggy jumpers.

  • HAIR - Style your hair similarly to how you will be wearing it on the wedding day, this will give you a really good idea of the finished look. If you have your hair down for the wedding with some curls then think about adding a few curls for your trial, as if you come with a messy bun but on the day you will have it down and curly it will not give you the same effect. Also bring your bridal hair accessories, so you can see a finished picture.

  • QUESTION - Have a list of any questions you may have, we will discuss your wedding morning and running times but this is the perfect time to ask any questions or concerns you have. If you're anything like me these questions will fly in and out of your head and at the time you will forget all of them, so write them all down as you think of them as we can talk about it all while we are together.

  • BE HONEST - The whole point of a trial is to try out a look, and you will not hurt my feelings by saying you do not like a colour or how I have done your eye brows. I want you to be happy with your makeup.



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