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Spray Tan

Let’s be honest, we all feel happier and more confident with a bit of a glow to our skin!  


During your initial tanning consultation, we will discuss your skin type and the reason for the spray tan.  From here I am able to select the appropriate tanning solution that will best suit you and your needs, as well as give you the best advice.


I have regular weekly customers, as well as customers who just require a spray tan for a special occasion like a Bridal tan, party, a pre-holiday top up or just to make themselves feel good with a sun-kissed glow. 

It's Natural & Fully Customisable

Vegan friendly, Paraben and Alcohol-free and cruelty-free, not tested on animals.

I can tailor your tan to your liking. You may just want a hint of colour or want a much richer, darker colour. I will be able to advise a shade to suit your skin tone.


Wedding Spray Tans

 Giving you a flawless glow for your big day, as you walk down the aisle.

Sonja is a Bridal Spray tan specialist, advanced trained in using a CLEAR solution which has been created with brides in mind, eliminating the risk of any tan transferring to your wonderful wedding dress. 

This amazing solution from Nouvatan goes on clear, washes off 8 hours later and is fully developed 24 hours later.

This is the only solution for my brides as it gives a natural glow, I have had several wedding photographers say to me they did not know the bride had a spray tan. It also takes the stress from the bride that your lovely wedding dress will be ruined with tan.

I want everyone from the Bride, Bridesmaids and Mothers, to feel relaxed, confident, pampered, bronzed and sexy without the harmful UV from sun beds.

There are a few Bridal Spray Tan Packages you can choice, please see below for more information.

Bridal Package 

Bride Tribe Tan

This includes


Clear tanning solution

Trial tan, mostly used for your hen party

Plus Wedding Day tan

Invite your bridal party to join the glow fun, so they can feel incredible too.

A great hen night prep or pre-wedding.


From previous clients

Sonja is highly professional and very personable. She made me feel comfortable straight away and listened to what I was looking for in a spray tan. Sonja gave excellent advice on all aspects of tanning such as preparation, how to prolong the tan and even which products are good and not good to use for prolonging. My tan was a beautiful natural golden colour and very even. It faded without becoming patchy and I was able to remove it very easily too. I highly recommend Sonja for her spray tan service and will definitely rebook! Thank you!


Sonja has always done a fantastic job of my tans but I was really nervous still about getting a bridal tan for my wedding, but it was absolutely perfect, it looked so natural and there was no transfer whatsoever on my dress which had full sleeves, it even held up in the close up pics of my shoes! Flawless! It’s so lovely seeing her, she is a complete professional and always gives me such a boost


Sonja immediately put me at ease and explained everything in detail, sending me messages before the spray tan to remind me how to prepare and what to bring etc the tan itself looked great and lasted really well. I will definitely be going back!


What spray tan do you use?

How long will my tan last?

I use Nouvatan tanning solutions which is made with natural and active organic DHA to enable safer tanning. Nouvatan has the best ingredients to achieve the healthiest natural tan that is kind to your skin.Paraben, mineral oil, alcohol and cruelty-free. Also suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

With the proper skin preparation and aftercare, your spray tan will last 7-10 days.  I will provide you with all the information you need when you book, including instructions of what you need to do before your spray tan, what products to use and what to avoid. These instructions will make your spray tan last as long as possible.  

Can I get a spray tan if I am pregnant?

Is a spray tan safe?

Will a spray tan protect my skin from the sun?

What do I wear for my spray tan and after?

Do I need a Trial for my Bridal Tan?

I am shy and dont want to get my body out.

Yes! The non-toxic chemical found in spray tanning products is called DHA, which causes your skin to go darker when using fake tan.

DHA-based sunless tanning has been recommended by the Skin Cancer Foundation, American Academy of Dermatology Association, Canadian Dermatology Association and the American Medical Association as a safer alternative to sun-bathing. 

Dihydroxyacetone, or DHA, is one of the primary ingredients found in sunless tanning products, including Nouvatan. It is a colourless, non-toxic sugar that is derived from plants like sugarcane and beets, which is what gives this ingredient its sweet-smelling odour.

Accordance to guidance, it is safe to have a spray tan during pregnancy. The active ingredient in tanning solution is dihydroxyacetone (DHA). This is a non-toxic substance that reacts with cells in the outermost layer of the skin and produces a brown pigment called melanoidin. As the DHA is not thought to go beyond the outer layer of skin, it is not absorbed into the body and cannot harm your baby.

Pregnancy changes your hormone levels and can make your skin more sensitive than normal, so a patch test will be required 48 hours before your spray tan. As a precaution, I would not recommend a spray tan during your 1st trimester and would suggest speaking with your GP or midwife for further advice.  

Definitely not! ​ Although a spray tan produces a natural-looking tan, you need to remember that it is only an illusion and your skin is not protected.  I will give you advice on which SPF products to use after your spray tan as using the wrong products can strip your tan. 
I also suggest using make up with a minimum SPF 20 or 30, to be used every day even when it is not sunny.  This will not only protect your skin from UV but it will help prevent skin ageing.  

It really depends on how comfortable you feel.  Some of my clients feel better wearing a bikini and others are happy wearing just a pair of knickers.  I have been doing this a long time and there is nothing that phases me or anything you should be embarrassed about.   My goal is to just give you a fantastic tan! 

After your tan, you need to avoid wearing anything that will rub your tan while it develops - definitely no jeans, bra or sportswear!  Wearing loose, dark clothing and flip flops is ideal. 

A Wedding Spray tan is just as important as your hair and Makeup Trial. You need to make sure you are happy with the shade, that your skin prep is on point, so that you can be confident with your final look. Most of my brides use this for their hen do, most brides wear white at their hens so it's the perfect time to trial it.

I can understand that. I am not very body-confident either. 
I am very sensitive to how women feel about getting undressed in front of someone else, but I promise as soon as we meet and start talking about why you are having a tan and start the appointment, you will be laughing and you will leave feeling fabulous.

Can Plus Size have a Spray Tan? I am really nervous.

Is it worth having a Holiday Spray tan and will the pool ruin my tan?

Welcome to the club, I am also a plus-size lady. Some days I love my curves and other days I can feel down about them. I know how having curves can knock your confidence and I will do everything to make you feel comfortable no matter what size you are. I do not look at size when I spray tan my ladies. The first thing I look at is what colour your skin tone is and what solution I recommend. So please do not let this even be a factor when booking. 

I do so many holiday tans and get very jealous hearing all about the holiday plans. When we go away we can feel self-conscious about getting in a swimsuit when we first arrive, having a bit of colour when you arrive can 100% give you a boost, so I always recommend a holiday tan. As for the chlorine, if you look after your tan with my instructions your tan will still fade evenly. If you are going to be in the pool all day every day, of course, your Spray tan will not last the same as if you are not in the pool that long.

Can I bring my baby or children to my appointment ?

This needs to be approved before your appointment. but it is advised to find alternative arrangements for them. I am home based and do not have a waiting room, therefore your child/children will be in the room with you, The machine is very loud and can frighten young children and you will be unable to comfort them mid tan. 
I want my ladies to relax and enjoy their pampering treatment and not stress their child will get upset.

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