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Let’s talk bridesmaids makeup

Updated: Aug 26, 2023

You will have had your makeup trail for the wedding, but most bridesmaids do not have a trail but it is important to have an idea what your vision is for them.

I have done the makeup at weddings where the Bride has said what she would like for her bridesmaids and others where she has let them pick their own makeup looks. Neither of these are right or wrong but it should still tie in with your theme and your own makeup.

Your bridesmaids may have ideas for their makeup, maybe even an inspo photo. But, on wedding day, it’s just not realistic to cater to everyone with a strict timeline of 45 minutes per person.

Here’s a few tips on how to keep your girl gang happy but make it easy for your makeup artist!

  • Let your girls pick their foundation coverage! One bridesmaid might love a full coverage look and one might prefer a glowy finish with their natural skin showing through.

  • Ensure the Bridemaids makeup compliments them (like when you picked their dresses) but make sure it is in line with your theme. One Bridesmaid whose makeup would suit a black tie event would not suit a Boho wedding.

  • Pick a level - natural glam, soft glam, full glam. They can still have a makeup that suits their face shape and personality but still all have the same level of glam.

  • Be clear about who is paying for the Makeup. This is another situation where there is no right or wrong as long as everyone knows where they stand. Some brides have the budget to pay for this service for all her Bridesmaids and Mums but others it just is not an option. Give them the option to opt in or out of having their makeup professionally done. If they are on the fence about it, tell them to consider that not only will their artist be using high end products but they also deserve to be pampered and take any stress from them.

  • Let your makeup artist know how you want the Bridesmaids Makeup to look before the wedding day, so there are no awkward conversations and your makeup artist can prepare.

  • Plan the getting ready outfit carefully. One recent trend is matching getting ready dressing gowns. They are great for a wedding morning because they can be taken off without going over your head, smudging makeup and messing up hair.

  • Have a schedule. You will be surprised how quickly wedding mornings go and with so many people in one room (Hair and makeup artist, Bride, Mums and Bridesmaids and even sometimes Father of the Bride) it is a very busy morning. Most Makeup artists will give you a schedule for makeup. This is to ensure that each bridesmaid knows where they need to be and when.



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