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Why do I always like to book a telephone consultation before you book your Bridal Makeup?

Booking a free telephone consultation before booking wedding makeup sounds formal, but its just a quick chat really. Its especially helpful if you don't typically wear much makeup, and can really help you pick the right Bridal Makeup artist for you, here is why I personally do this.

#1 - Make sure I am right for you

You want to make sure you have the perfect person to do your makeup for such an important day. You can look at hundreds of makeups and love what they do, but if that makeup artist annoys the hell out of you in person, do you really want them there on the morning of your wedding? I still remember the laughs I had with my makeup artist on my wedding day, and she fit right in with us. Having a quick chat before you pay a penny for me just makes so much sense. We can see if we align with how the morning may go, what makeup ideas you already have and much more.

#2 - Peace of mind

Your makeup is a big part of your wedding morning as well as the day, so you will undoubtedly have lots of questions, this is the perfect time to ask them. What Brands I use, if you have skin concerns, feel a bit nervous your makeup will be too heavy for you. This is where you can ask away so you know you have the person.

“All women are pretty without makeup – but with the right makeup they can be pretty powerful.” – Bobbi Brown

#3 - No-Makeup Makeup?

MANY of my brides do not wear a lot of makeup and therefore can feel intimidated about the makeup side of planning the wedding. So this is the time where I can reassure you about how the process of the trial will work, and really help to put any worries to bed before you book so you can be confident you have picked your perfect makeup artist for your wedding. An informal chat can help you explore these options and discuss how to achieve a fresh and natural appearance without a heavy makeup application.

#4 - This is your safe space

I love talking about makeup, but I know that many ladies can find it intimidating. I may ask you questions about makeup or skincare that you have no idea about the answer to, but there is no judgment from me. I am simply finding out what you currently do, use or know so I can work out what you want from your makeup. All I want is for you to feel comfortable.

If you are thinking of booking your wedding makeup, why not book your consultation, have a list of questions so you don't forget.


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