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Worried about getting a Spray Tan for your Wedding day??

Updated: Mar 22, 2023

We have all heard the jokes about being an oompa loompa or Ross from Friends when it comes to a spray tan, so I understand your concerns as a bride about getting one for your wedding day.

Do you want to hear the questions I get asked on a regular basis? and then I will myth bust them for you. Let's Dive in.

The biggest one I get is will it come off on my dress? - I use a specialist Clear Spray tan on all my Brides and let me explain why. Normal tan would leave a transfer mark on your lovely and expensive dress. This is because it has a guard colour which makes it easier for Spray tan artists like myself to see where the tan is going and make sure we do not miss an area. However, because my Bridal Tan solution is clear, you will look like you have been sprayed with water and look no different….until you have developed. It is the tan guard colour that can rub off on your dress, especially as wedding dresses tend to be very fitted and can rub on the skin.

Will I be orange? - Not a chance. Spray tan solution has come a long way in recent years. With Nouvatan, orange spray tans don’t exist. Their unique formula is specifically formulated to counteract orange tones.

I have worked with Nouvatan for 3 years and I get the most amazing feedback from my clients about how natural it looks on their skin. I also carry a wide range of shades to suit all different skin tones which helps when selecting a solution for your Bridal party.

Will it be streaky? No way. I will give you all the advice you need so that your skin is in perfect condition to be a blank canvas for your tan. The solution is sprayed directly onto your skin in a fine mist so it goes on evenly.

Will it last for my Honeymoon? This depends how long after the wedding your Honeymoon is. If it is a day or so after the wedding then if you have followed your skincare preparation, your tan lasts 7-10 days so it will still be looking good for the start of your honeymoon. Alternatively you can book the Honeymoon package which gives you a tan to use just before you jet off.

I don't want you to see me undressed. Not a question but I get this ….a lot.

I can promise you that as soon as we start having the consultation and you are telling me all about your wedding, fiancee, how you got engaged, you will completely forget that you are about to get down to your knickers. I will make you feel comfortable and we will have a good laugh.

I completely understand how nerve racking it can be to get down to your undies. I have had to do this myself when I trained in tanning and when I had my advance training, and as someone who is also not very body confident, I was so anxious.

Let me finish with this rule for my ladies

You may not apologise for:

  • Body fat, cellulite, wriggles, veins, scars, your bum size, your tummy, big small or no boobs, or anything else that has to do with being a women



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